Hixson Student Board

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The Hixson Student Board is a student organization at Iowa State University working with the Hixson Opportunity Awards to implement activities and services to meet current and future student needs.

"Getting involved with HXSB has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The planning, interpersonal, and leadership skills I obtained by being President and a Programming Chair on the board have helped me land both of my internships. Now, I have companies trying to convince me to go work for them, instead of me having to persuade companies to give me a chance." —Michael Tlach, HXSB President, 2011–2012

Board Members: 

Pictured left to right (second row): Nicole Coffin, Ashley Moore, Daniel Ansong, Dylan Thomas, Derek Becker; Pictured left to right (first row): Tamera Alexander, Nina Ford, Riley Rutledge, and Sebastian Silva-Zuniga

Current Board Members: 

President: Tamera Alexander

Vice President: Dylan Thomas

Secretary and Treasurer: Daniel Ansong

Programming Chairs: Derek Becker and Emilee Muller 

Fundraising Chair: Nina Ford 

Community Service Chair: Nicole Coffin 

Publicity Chair: Sabrina DeHererra 

Intramural Chair: Riley Rutledge 

Freshman Representative: Sebastian Silva-Zuniga